Samuel Aby

Anuj Sekhar’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled. Super responsive, and kind and has amazing producing skills along with his musical arrangements.

Hentry Kuruvila

Anuj has been one of my brightest students. As a Mentor I continue to see his growth over the years, and it makes me extremely proud. He has always been smart and inventive in how he creates and promotes his music. And apart from being a great musician he is a great human being. His bright smiles always bring happiness around him. … Read MoreHentry Kuruvila

Abin Cleatus

It has been a great experience working alongside Anuj on several projects. His acumen and skill in the field is one of a kind. He is passionate on bringing creative ideas to the table along with attention to detail. This combination of skillset has helped produce few of the finest advertisements in the county. … Read MoreAbin Cleatus